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Top quality Tax Free cigarettes, cigars, rolling tobacco, spirits and fragrances. The best converting products with the highest commissions in the market.

who we are

who we are image is the top duty free affiliate program online. We are a 3rd party network connecting you with the major tobacco merchants who are selling only the highest quality brands. Our merchants have the highest conversion rates due to 24\7 support and sales answering phones and chats which will turn your traffic into sales. Our merchants own the biggest tobacco online shops on the web and are significantly cheaper than the competitors. We are using the most advanced tagging technology (no cookies) to make sure you never lose money on untagged sales. Once your traffic registers in to our merchants shop, they are automatically tagged to your affiliate id and will keep being tagged even if they clear their cookies. dutyfreeaffiliates are committed to your income.

what do we promote

what do we promote title
DutyFreeAffiliates specifies in the duty free market as major brand cigarettes, alcohol, cigars, tobacco and spirits. Our merchant's offer free shipping on any order making your traffic converts even better. We ship world wide but recommend targeting American customers.

why is the online cigarettes business is big in america

why is the online cigarettes business is big in america title
Due to high taxation in major cities in the US, most of the American smokers started looking for cheaper alternatives online. Our merchants are selling the highest quality brands, tax free, 60% cheaper with free shipping to their door step – making them the preferred choice for their tobacco shopping. In addition, Our merchants give a 100% guarantee for receiving their goods – giving the customer the security he needs to make the purchase.

let`s talk money

let`s talk money title
Our program is considered the highest paid program on the web. Our brands are highly popular and easy to sell due to our low prices and free shipping. We offer a "revenue share" program, giving you 10% commission on each sale made by your traffic for a period of 6 months. We offer a commission bump and advanced partnerships to our "super affiliates".

cigarettes affiliates program

cigarettes affiliates program title
Without a doubt our most successful product is cigarettes, they are also the highest-yielding conversion products for affiliates so don't hesitate when considering what product to promote in our affiliate program. We hold the most popular and well-known brands of cigarettes and some less known brands. Here's a short list just to give you a taste of our wide range of brands: Winston, Camel, Benson & Hedges and Newports. All our cigarettes are made in western Europeans countries such as Switzerland so they are guaranteed to be in pristine quality and genuine. Like all products in DutyFreeDepot they are tax-free so there's just no comparison with our competitors – we sell them for the lowest prices on the internet. With these low prices, free shipping for every order and constantly changing deals you can count on us that once you convert a person (or even a company) to a customer he will unquestionably become a loyal consumer for years to come. We have clients all the way back to 2006 still making orders. Using our great warehouse we are able to deliver large quantities of cigarettes making it easy to sale to broad variety of customers from individuals to companies (also called B2B).

perfume affiliate program

perfume affiliate program title
There's almost no popular brand missing from our extensive list of perfumes companies. This list includes: Gucci, Armani, Christian Dior and other very successful fragrances. In today's market there's a growing interest in cosmetic products since nowadays even men purchase pricey perfumes for themselves not just their wives. Coupled that with free shipping and cheap prices and you've got another winning tool to help you grow a successful business with us.

alcohol affiliate program

alcohol affiliate program title
Alcohol - The world's most used legal drug. There are a lot of things to say about alcohol, some of them are not positive, but no one can argue that there's a market for it and a very large one. Every party thrower or club owner will tell you there can be no event, at least not a fun one, without some beverages involved. This is not going to change soon so why not earn money in the meantime? Well, in that department DutyFreeDepot is an empire. We have a huge selection of the world's most famous brands of alcohol – from classic wines to the strongest vodkas all for the cheapest price. In this list you can find: Absinthe and Absolut vodka, red wines like Chateau Golan and Castel Grand Vine. Our conversion rate for alcohol is always at the top because we offer all those high quality brands for the lowest prices available online. DutyFreeDepot dispatches each order for free to anywhere in the world. This is a huge market just brimming with possibilities to make money so don't hesitate and become an affiliate today.

tobacco affiliate

tobacco_affiliate title
Tobacco is a product which has always been popular (and in some cultures dating back even to the middle ages) and these days it gained more popularity than ever because of the huge rise of taxation on cigarettes. In addition to that huge market, it's also considered a hobbyist market - people like to roll their own tobacco, buy specific papers, humidor and cases. The fact that it is a unique product with such specific properties (like humidity, brand, age etc') just like wine makes it a great hobby for a lot of people who are willing to pay great sums of money to get their specific taste satisfied – and you can get a share of that money by working with us. Tobacco also comes with a lot of accessories like pipes, roll-on machines, papers, humidors and cases so it's a large secondary market that can boost your income as an affiliate. As an affiliate you got our main site DutyFreeDepot that hold the most popular brands and can also handle large amounts of purchases with the bonus of free shipping no matter the size of the order.